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Bridgewater Ward News February 2021

Cllrs Stef Nelson, Carol Plumpton-Walsh and John Stockton would like to thank PCSO Paul Barker for all his excellent work in the Ward. Paul is having to move on to a more ‘desk based’ position after sustaining an injury to his foot, but we hope to see him back at some time in the future. Throughout his time in the Ward he has helped to maintain a calm and reassuring presence to residents and has strived to ensure that everyone has been kept safe. During his time working in the Ward; he has been responsible for introducing the innovation of mini police at the Holy Spirit Primary School and this initiative has been hugely successful and has been rolled out across the Liverpool City Region (LCR) with many schools also taking up this idea. This initiative has seen a reduction in car parking incidents in areas of the LCR where it has been implemented.  Many thanks from all of us Paul for your excellent work in our Ward and for your courteous manner with everyone you worked with. Good luck for your future!

We have also seen a number of positive actions in the Ward over recent months in what has been an extraordinarily difficult time, due to Covid 19, which have included:

·         The trees and shrubs being cut back in the passage from Halton Road to Castle Rise and from the wall along Halton Road on the canal side, and at the bottom of Picton Avenue

·         The trees on the part of the cycle path that runs through the Ward have been cut back to make it easier for cyclists to enjoy a good, healthy ride

·         We are working with Halton Housing and the residents on Lavender Close regarding new litter bins installation

·         We have been working closely with the council to secure the future of the building formerly known as the Burma Star

·         We are also working closely with the council and residents in the Ward, regarding the parking issues on Brookfield Avenue

·         The police have been seizing off road motor cycles on Castle Rise and elsewhere

Cllrs Stef Nelson and John Stockton would like to thank Cllr Carol Plumpton-Walsh for moving us into the digital age by setting up an excellent Runcorn Town Labour page on Facebook. Cllr Stef Nelson said: “I would advise anyone who wishes to see what is going on in Runcorn, or who wishes to raise any concerns, or issues you may have, to get on the Runcorn Town Labour page on Facebook and we will respond as soon as we can.” Cllr John Stockton said: “If you have any concerns about anti-social behaviour issuesplease make sure that you contact the police, or one of your Ward councillors, who will take up the issue for you.”

Finally, from all three of your Ward councillors please make sure that you take care and stay safe in these exceptionally difficult days.

Cllrs Stef Nelson, Carol Plumpton-Walsh and John Stockton


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