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Farnworth Ward News February 2021

We hope you are all doing as well as you can and staying safe during this time. Below is a short update on the Farnworth Ward from Cllrs Val Hill, Andrew MacManus, Angela McInerney & Candidate Aimee Teeling.

The following was provided with Area Forum  Funding :-
Speed enforcement signs on Lunts Heath Road
‘You are being watched’ signs for Halton Hornets, Wilmere Lane
Widnes Historical Society printing costs for a book about Farnworth

Farnworth Councillors have been working closely with Cheshire Police, to reinstate the road markings at Farnworth Village crossroads, to help prevent cars illegally parking which were causing a danger to other drivers and pedestrians.

The pandemic has been a terrible time for all our residents and many will have lost family members and friends. Council staff have been in the front line of doing all they can to prevent further infections and vaccinating residents. Staff have been seconded to work in the non symptomatic testing centre at Ditton Community Centre, the testing centre in Kingsway for those with symptoms, and the vaccination centre at the stadium.  The vaccinations are continuing at pace at the council owned stadium and we are very pleased that many of our of elderly and vulnerable residents have now received their first dose.  The Council is heavily involved and running many aspects of the Covid Response here, including being involved in ensuring workplaces are COVID secure and the track and trace of those who have been in contact with those infected.

It has been heart warming to see the many ways that communities have come together here to help each other through the pandemic. Please remember to keep following the rules and in particular continue washing hands regularly, social distancing and wearing a face covering where it is applicable and you are able to.

Finally, thank you to Cllr Andrew McManus, who is retiring in May. Andrew’s fellow Ward Councillors would like to acknowledge their appreciation for all his hard work and also welcome our new candidate, Aimee Teeling.

Keep safe,

Cllr Val Hill, Cllr Andrew MacManus, Cllr Angela McInerney & Candidate Aimee Teeling.


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