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Grange Ward News February 2021

Grange Ward News from Cllr John Abbott, Cllr Mark Dennett, & Cllr Joan Lowe

Dear Residents,

A short update on what has been happening in the Grange and across Halton, as we are keeping busy.


By staying at home during this lockdown we have seen infection levels in Halton reduce significantly and we want to thank everyone for their tremendous efforts. It is important that we keep going and stick closely to the rules, so that we continue to keep each other safe.

For everyone, that means ensuring you wash your hands regularly, keep a distance between you and people outside of your household and wear a face covering when required to.

Those who do still need to go to work or care for someone, to get a regular no-symptoms test at our sites at Grangeway Community Centre. People with COVID symptoms must self-isolate and only leave home to get a test.

Doing all of these things remains our very best defence against the virus.

School Meals

Halton Council has again frozen the price of the general school meals. This will be welcomed by all parents. The free school meals vouchers will be going out through the schools for the February half term.


As part of our work on the Area Forum we part funded a Police project to provide burglary prevention packs to elderly residents, to help safeguard them against becoming a victim of burglary and doorstep crime. If you have a neighbourhood project that you need funding for please contact Jane Rhodes.


The council budget has nearly been finalised and will be reported in the next post. There should be no shocks. You will be pleased to know that the Metro Mayor has frozen his precept.

Voluntary Groups

We’d like to take the time to thank the Grange Community Forum and other voluntary groups on the ward and hope that you are all safe.

Boundary Review

You may know that the Boundary Commission has visited Halton and has made changes to the existing wards. Grange is gaining two areas: Boston Avenue up to and including Morval Crescent, and at the top of the ward, Whitchurch Way and Fenwick Lane area. These changes are expected to come in to effect in May. As a consequence, there will be an “all out” election in May where you will be asked to vote for 3 candidates to represent you. There are elections for the Combined Authority Metro Mayor and the Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner on the same day.

As you can imagine, we do not know yet what form the election will take, but we are confident that it will go ahead in May. We encourage you to apply for a postal vote, in this way your vote will be safer, as you will not have to queue at the election station. It is voting made simple. You can apply online, or by phone.

Finally, if you need to talk to a councillor to help you, please contact any of the three of us by email or phone. Unfortunately, we are still not able to return to surgeries until things improve. Please contact us even if it is just to talk to someone in these troubled times. You do not have to get through this on your own. There is help.

Useful Numbers

             Contact                        Telephone No.          
Cllr John Abbott 07769 363069
Cllr Mark Dennett 01928 770085
Cllr Joan Lowe 01928 592010
Jane Rhodes (Community Development) 0151 511 8603
Council Tax 0151 511 7771
Welfare Rights 0151 511 8930
Business Rates Relief 0151 511 8932
Halton Borough Council 0303 333 4300

Stay safe,

John Abbott, Mark Dennett, and Joan Lowe.

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