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Halton View Ward Update February 2021

We hope that you are all well and keeping safe in these challenging times – below is a quick update.


There are fantastic open spaces in Halton View – Sunnybank, Crow Wood and The Bongs. The pandemic has shown how important outdoor places are to our physical and mental health. The work that has taken place in the past twelve months has certainly been noticeable in these areas and underlines our commitment to protect and enhance the natural beauty and amenity of these spaces for us all to enjoy.

In 2018 a masterplan was developed for Sunnybank Park with the aim of upgrading the existing infrastructure and improving access for all users of the site.

The works comprised – Entrance improvements, removals of redundant fencing and furniture, selective thinning of plantation including removal of diseased and self-seeded trees, re-building of path infrastructure, installation of new site furniture and picnic area, works to the pond and new hedgerow planting to encourage wildlife and increase bio-diversity.

Still to come – re-development of the Car Park at Barrows Green Lane entrance.

The improved amenities in Crow Wood Park with its new Pavilion provides a facility that will be available for park visitors and local community groups. Groups with an interest in using the facility currently include park bowlers and Halton View Resident’s Association. The building will also be used as a Polling Station at the next elections.

Work has taken place to the entrances at Barnes Road and the Bongs. These works comprised the removal of poor-quality entrance piers and their replacement with brick and built gate piers in keeping with the design of the main entrance gate and the entrance to the Bongs from Halton View.


Just a reminder that at the next local council election the new ward boundaries changes, as decided by the Boundary Commission come into effect. In Halton View, the only change is that the area between Watkinson Way and Page Lane which is currently in Appleton will finally be part of Halton View Ward. This fixes an anomaly that we have long thought wrong and lobbied for change over.

Because of the new boundaries, The next election scheduled for May 6th will be an “all out” so you will have three votes and be voting for three candidates to represent you in Halton View. There are also elections for the Metro Mayor and Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner.  In view of the current pandemic you may wish to consider applying for a postal vote early, particularly if you are in a vulnerable or at risk group. If so, please contact the Councils electoral services on  0303 333 4300 or email electoral@halton.gov.uk


Work has commenced on new warehouse and office development at the old Bayer site off Gorsey Lane. This is a speculative development, which is very good news as it shows investors have a high level of confidence here in Halton View and more widely in Halton. The site when completed will provide a range of employment opportunities, which really is something to look forward to post Covid.


Following numerous reports of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) and working with our police colleagues, we installed a Stryker camera covering the Skate Park and Crow Wood pavilion last October. The latest information we have is that this approach is working well to prevent vandalism and ASB in this area. We continue to monitor and look into a permanent solution. Please report any incidences of ASB to both the Police and ourselves.

We are still receiving complaints over speeding on a number of roads throughout Halton View. Unfortunately, there are a small number of drivers who choose to ignore speed limits and drive at speed on our roads. Individual driver behaviour is behind this, nothing else. Working with Council Officers and our Police colleagues we are employing a variety of approaches to educate drivers and address this issue.


We have always championed free school meals to be extended through holiday periods during the pandemic.  The council negotiated with government before Christmas for extra funding and we are pleased to be able to tell you free school meals will be provided for all eligible pupils during the February half term.


Please stay safe and look out for one another

Cllr Tom McInerney tom.mcinerney@halton.gov.uk  Cllr Rob Polhill rob.polhill@halton.gov.uk and Cllr Louise Whitley louise.whitley@halton.gov.uk

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